ISBN code for books, assistance from the National Library

ISBN – meaning of the abbreviation: ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a unique international identification numbering system. Identifies each product form or publication of a monographic publication (whether in print or electronic form). Issued or produced by a single publisher. What is the structure? It is a series of numbers, consisting of 13 elements,… Read More

Boxes of cardboard - any shape and circulation.

Boxes of cardboard – any shape and circulation.

Any circulation of boxes Boxes – small, for gifts, for decoration, wholesale, round. Warm seal gold, silver. Special effects. Laminates. Any shape, choice of cardboard, UV lacquer gloss for a more luxurious look. Email: Individual design: Design and preparation of the print file Working out the spread (pattern), designing the die (the tool that… Read More


Lazer engrave

Lazer engrave discounts: Lazer engrave on the following materals, including black color on aluminum:  Email Stainless steel Precious metals Honey Brass Bronze Aluminum Anodized aluminum ABS Plastics Video clip: Promotional materials: Souvenirs Keychains Pens Lighters Metal business cards Signs for apartments and houses Postcards Plates for industrial machines Badges PVC cards Технически данни на… Read More