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Car Fresheners With Your Logo

Size up to 60 x 100 mm. Prices include VAT – bilateral print; – individual transparent packing; – cut in any shape. Fragrances: apple, ocean, spring, bubble gum, melon. VIP fragrances: lavender, mango, my boss, my angel – Price includes VAT. Delivery time is 4-5 weeks. Car fresheners are one of the most ordered products… Read More

Луксозни визитки в обемен, селективен лак, злато, топъл печат

Luxury business cards

Luxury thick card business cards Luxury card business card 700g – this is the equivalent of two normal business cards. It feels like a PVC card, but the surface is matt, with double sided UV gloss Email: admin@tangram.bg   Description: Cardboard:  700 g (as much as two business cards) Laminate flooring: double-sided mat Varnish: Double-sided,… Read More

Boxes of cardboard - any shape and circulation.

Boxes of cardboard – any shape and circulation.

Any circulation of boxes Boxes – small, for gifts, for decoration, wholesale, round. Warm seal gold, silver. Special effects. Laminates. Any shape, choice of cardboard, UV lacquer gloss for a more luxurious look. Email: manahov.ivan@gmail.com Individual design: Design and preparation of the print file Working out the spread (pattern), designing the die (the tool that… Read More


Lazer engrave

Lazer engrave discounts: Lazer engrave on the following materals, including black color on aluminum:  Email  manahov.ivan@gmail.com Stainless steel Precious metals Honey Brass Bronze Aluminum Anodized aluminum ABS Plastics Video clip: Promotional materials: Souvenirs Keychains Pens Lighters Metal business cards Signs for apartments and houses Postcards Plates for industrial machines Badges PVC cards Технически данни на… Read More

Флаери, листовки

Flayers and Leaflets

Flyers, leaflets, leaflets – the name depends on the way they are folded, for example: Flyers: One leaf without folding … the same goes for leaflets. It is accepted that the leaflets are A4 size, with two folds folded up to 10×21 cm. А6 (148 x 105 mm.) The A6 size has proved to be… Read More