Страниране, предпечат - промоция: 120 лв. с ДДС до 300 страници А5

Side, book pre-book print – 75 EUR / VAT incl. 148 pages.

Side, pre-press on a book to 148 pages Siding a book is preperation for the file for printing. Discount 151 EUR. – 75.67 EUR with VAT The creation of the file is 100% prepaid and is the property of the author. We send an email. The price includes redaction on grammar and spelling mistakes! Input materials: Text in… Read More

Книги - печат

Pre-press, newspapers, magazines, books, catalogs

Pre-press, advertising pages Page is to arrange the text of the book’s author or journalist’s material in a print file. Word is suitable for an office or home printer, but to print the press in an industrial setting, we need a print file with certain criteria that we are familiar with in detail What do… Read More