Производство, поръчка по дизайн, печатане и брандиране на рекламни ароматизатори за кола на едро

Car Fresheners With Your Logo

Size up to 60 x 100 mm. Prices include VAT
– bilateral print;
– individual transparent packing;
– cut in any shape.
Fragrances: apple, ocean, spring, bubble gum, melon.
VIP fragrances: lavender, mango, my boss, my angel
– Price includes VAT. Delivery time is 4-5 weeks.

Бюджетни ароматизатори за кола, размер: 50/75 мм.

🎁Бонус 1: Двустранен печат
🎁Бонус 2: Индивидуална, прозрачна опаковка
🎁Бонус 3: Изрязване във всякаква форма
🎁Бонус 4: Безплатна доставка при авансово плащане по банка
🎁 Аромати: ябълка, океан, пролет, дъвка, пъпеш, бор, ягода
ℹ Цените са с включен ДДС
⚠ Срок 3-4 седмици
⚠️ 50% авансово плащане ако не желаете безплатна доставка
- Цените днес 15.07.2024
900 бр: 0.00  лв.

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Car fresheners are one of the most ordered products for advertising. Their fragrances fly away during the time and the client wants a new fragrance. You get the unique chance to remind your clients about your business regularly with new fragrances.

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    Model shapes of cut:

    Spread your imagination and choose the shape you like most because it will advertise your vision to your customers. If it is difficult for you to choose, send us your logo and we shall offer you our opinion based on our experience. We can change the size of every shape, even it could be MAX size of VIP area.

    Additional information:

    Car fresheners, along with fridge magnets, are among the five most successful advertising articles. There is almost no car without this aromatic attribute. Even if it doesn’t swing on the mirror to distract the driver, it always reminds the customer about you and about itself by filling the air, because this fragrance is a gift from you. Even if it is not hung in the car, the customer would hang it in his home or office. The pleasant fragrance creates a connection between the brand and the customer. The fragrance is recorded in the mind and the customer associates it with a brand or a specific product that he bought from you.

    Advertising car fresheners for your automobile repair workshop and for your automobile business

    Advertising car fresheners in a piston shape for your automobile business and repair workshop

    Advertising car fresheners in a piston shape for your automobile business and repair workshop

    Look through our ideas for shapes of advertising car fresheners for your automobile business – repair workshop, car dealership, etc.

    What do you think about the idea car fresheners to be in the shape of a piston as a symbol of driving the engine? 🙂

    We can cut in any shape the air freshener of your car. Choose the VIP fragrances – My boss, My Angel


    Do you know that the first air freshener was in a pine shape?

    In 1952, the future founder of the Car Freshener company – Julius Samman, studied various options for his own business. He met a milkman who complained that the van he used to transport the milk constantly smelled bad. At that moment, the former conifer oil extraction specialist saw the opportunity to fight bad odors in vehicles. He used porous cardboard, which he impregnated with the oil of conifers and thus tried to preserve the aroma for a longer time.

    Патентът на формата на първия ароматизаторActually, the first air freshener was in a woman shape. He developed 50 models, on each of them was printed a beautiful and famous lady for that time. The product went on sale and was in demand. Drivers bought it to neutralize various odors from different loads. The taxi drivers “killed” the heavy smell of cigarettes. The advertising presence of the ladies embarrassed more conservative people and they did not buy them.

    But, in 1959 Samman patented air fresheners in a pine shape.

    The conifer-scented pine was more successful formula than the forest-scented ladies. 🙂

    If you’d like a cardboard pad with your advertisement on it, please mention it in the enquiry. We can also make separate series of the pads – for example, to go through 100 pcs. with a different QR code or even if everyone has a different QR or digital code and give an additional discount if a customer has collected a certain number of cards. For example, you are a car wash and if a customer gives you 5 cards, then he has visited you for 5 washes and the sixth one is at 50%.

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